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Return Drupal CCK Integer Field Allowed Values List as Array


Drupal 6 (D7 below)

Below is a helpful function that will return the allowed values list for a Drupal CCK Integer Field as an Array.

For example, here is my allowed values list for my cck integer field "field_dg_hole_tee":



function tf_cck_integer_field_allowed_values_list_as_array ($field_name) {
	$sql = " SELECT global_settings FROM content_node_field WHERE field_name = '%s' AND type = 'number_integer' ";
	$global_settings = unserialize(db_result(db_query($sql,$field_name)));
	$allowed_values = $global_settings['allowed_values'];
	$allowed_values_explode = explode("\n",$allowed_values);
	$allowed_values = array();
	foreach ($allowed_values_explode as $allowed_value) {
		$allowed_value_explode = explode("|",$allowed_value);
		$allowed_values[$allowed_value_explode[0]] = trim($allowed_value_explode[1]);
	return $allowed_values;


$field_name = "field_dg_hole_tee";
$tees = tf_cck_integer_field_allowed_values_list_as_array($field_name);


Drupal 7

Thanks to Laurens from Rotterdam in The Netherlands for this Drupal 7 snippet!


function get_list_integer_allowed_values_as_object() {
   $data               = array();
   $result             = db_query("SELECT field_name , data FROM {field_config} WHERE type='list_integer'");
   foreach ($result as $record) {
     $tempvar  = unserialize($record->data);
     $data[$record->field_name] = $tempvar['settings']['allowed_values'];
 return $data;

It will return something like this:

array(15) {


 array(7) {


   string(9) "Penthouse"


   string(9) "Apartment"


   string(6) "Studio"



 array(4) {


   string(3) "Yes"


   string(2) "No"



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