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Ubuntu Cheat Sheet



Example 1 - MYSQL Query Browser

# open up the local (L) port 4000 (this is just a random port, you can pick others) on localhost and
# tunnel it to port 3306 on 123.456.789.101, without an interactive terminal (-N)

ssh -L 4000:localhost:3306 123.456.789.101 -N

# then in 'mysql query browser' we are able to connect to localhost:4000 with the DB credentials
# required for 123.456.789.101 and it will make the connection to 123.456.789.101's sql server on port 3306

Example 2 - jEdit

ssh -L 12345:localhost:22 123.456.789.101 -N

# then in jEdit we can go to 'Plugins -> FTP -> Open From Secure FTP Server',
# use localhost:12345 as the 'remote host' with our credentials for 123.456.789.101


Example 1 - Connect to an SSH server, zip up a directory, download to localhost

# ssh into 123.456.789.101, tarball up the the /www/files directory and untar it to the directory where the terminal command was executed

ssh 123.456.789.101 -e none '(cd /www && tar czf - files)' | tar xzf -

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