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Retrieve CCK Filefield Imagefield Default Image Path


Here is how to get a Drupal 6 CCK Filefield Imagefield default image path:

function tf_cck_nodefield_widget_settings ($field_name) {
  $sql = " SELECT widget_settings FROM {content_node_field_instance} WHERE field_name = '%s' ";
  return unserialize(db_result(db_query($sql,$field_name)));

// example usage
$my_imagefield_widget_settings = tf_cck_nodefield_widget_settings("field_my_image");
$img_src = $my_imagefield_widget_settings['default_image']['filepath'];
print theme_image($img_src,"","");

This will also work for many other CCK field widget settings, as the function above just returns an array of the unserialized string that represents the widget settings.

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