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Hide Local Task Menu Tabs in Drupal


Here is how you can hide certain local task menu tabs in Drupal by utilizing theme_menu_local_task. The example below demonstrates how to hide the 'View' tab on user account profile pages. This code goes in your theme's template.php file.

function tf_menu_local_task ($link, $active = FALSE) {
  if (strpos($link,"/users/") !== false) { // we are on a user's page...
    if (strpos($link,">View<") !== false) { /* hide the 'view' tab */ return ''; }
  // default render
  return '<li ' . ($active ? 'class="active" ' : '') . '>' . $link . "</li>\n";

So, with this code we are actually preventing it from being rendered.


Thanks it working fine...

its also working... perfect way to use..

function hook_menu_alter(&$menu) {

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Thank you, your solution looks much more elegant!

A much better way would be to set the menu type to MENU_CALLBACK instead of unsetting the menu item completely:

  function yourmodule_menu_alter(&$items) {
    $items['linkname']['type'] = MENU_CALLBACK;

The advantage of that, the menu item and therefore the functionality of this menu item is still there, but there is no menu link for that path.

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My 2015 self definitely agrees with you on this! ;)

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