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Drupal How to Theme a Views Exposed Filter Form


To theme the exposed filter form on a view in Drupal:

  1. Copy sites/all/modules/views/theme/views-exposed-form.tpl.php to sites/all/themes/MY_THEME/views-exposed-form--MY-VIEW-NAME.tpl.php
  2. Use the views admin UI to rescan the template files
    • Basic Settings -> Theme Information -> Rescan Template Files
    • Note: it won't show your new template file in the list
  3. Save your view

If you need more fine tuned methods of modifying the actual form, then use hook_form_alter instead. Here is an example:


Hi Tyler, theme for sharing this tip.

You can say me how i can make to convert the form select to simple  div or  span to theme it with css?


field set in select.     To.               Div/ul

term1.                                             Div1/li

Term2.                                           Div2/li

term3.                                            Div3/li    



Very this for You time.

see You

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