Drupal - Webform Theme submission_url Token

After spending some time trying to figure out how to theme and/or preprocess the %submission_url provided by Webform during an e-mail notification, it appears it is not possible until the 4.x version of the module is out where Webform 'tokens' will become actual Drupal tokens (http://drupal.org/node/1001798).

Drupal Webform Submission Results User Access Control

Have you ever wanted to grant access to a certain list of users so they could access a Drupal Webform's submission results? The default permissions that come with Webform don't provide much granularity in this scenario, so a custom solution needs to be implemented.

Luckily Webform has a few hooks to make our lives easier.

Drupal Webform Alter

Once upon a time, on a dark day, December 21st, 2011 to be exact. There was a desire to modify a Drupal webform. Normally, one could use replacement pattern tokens available in the Webform UI to set default values on a component field. But this was a special day, a day where a Webform field had to be prepopulated with a value that was not available via replacement pattern tokens. So if you need to modify a Webform via hook_form_alter, try something like this:

Drupal - Handle Existing Webform Submission Edits

If you need to do something when a user edits/updates a previous webform submission, try something like this:

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