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Return Drupal CCK Integer Field Allowed Values List as Array

Drupal 6 (D7 below)

Below is a helpful function that will return the allowed values list for a Drupal CCK Integer Field as an Array.

For example, here is my allowed values list for my cck integer field "field_dg_hole_tee":

Drupal - Use Drush to Export/Import a MySQL Database Dump File

Export Database to File

So today I wanted to learn how to export a Drupal database to a file quickly. Back in the day I would've logged in through cPanel and navigated to PHPMyAdmin, then manually select an export of the database and have to choose where to save the file. Not to mention all the previous steps listed would need to be preceeded by a Drupal cache flush (I don't like the cache inside a database backup). Typically this would've taken me about 5 minutes to complete, well my friends, no longer is that the case.

Drupal - Post Data via Ajax to PHP Menu Callback with JQuery and JSON

Drupal 7

I found this solid example for Drupal 7.

The code for D7 is much more elegant, there are some great new features in D7 to make this stuff easier.

Drupal 6

Put this PHP code inside your module, e.g. sites/all/modules/my_module/my_module.module

Drupal - Theme Table Example

Drupal 7

$header = array();
$header[] = array("data" => "Column Header Title 1");
$header[] = array("data" => "Column Header Title 2");

$row = array();
$row[] = "Row Column 1 Data"; 
$row[] = "Row Column 2 Data";

$rows = array();
$rows[] = $row;
$html = theme('table', array('header' => $header, 'rows' => $rows));

Drupal 6

Detecting Body Background Image Click with JQuery on a Drupal Zen Sub Theme

So the other day I needed to detect when someone clicks on the background image of my drupal zen sub theme. Here is how I did it using jquery:

Drupal Cron Run Failing and Timing Out

So I was trying to manually run cron.php on a drupal site, and it was timing out because the cron job couldn't finish. The cron job is quite intense, and I'm sure it isn't finishing because I am trying to run it during the day on a busy site. So in order to tell Drupal to forget about your last cron attempt:

  1. go into your drupal database
  2. go into the 'variable' table
  3. sort by the 'name' column ascending order
  4. look for any variable names beginning with 'cron_' and delete them

Here are some MySQL queries that should get the job done:


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