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Drupal Services File Create Example with JSON and JQuery

Note, please read about this issue with the Services module before getting started!

UPDATE: There is security issue with the Services module prior to version 3.4. Now all autheticated service calls that use POST, PUT or DELETE need a CSRF token sent along in the request header. This article has NOT been udpated to show those changes! More Information and Workaround(s)

How to 'git rm' all deleted files shown by 'git status'

UPDATE: Thanks to user comments, it turns out the easiest way to do this is with this command:

git add -u

Otherwise, feel free to read the example below for an alternative approach...


So today I was updating the filefield module in Drupal 6 with Drush (drush up webform), this worked great, as usual. However, my Drupal site is under source control with GIT. So after updating the module and running 'git status' I was presented with a whole bunch of changes. Something like this:

git status

Drupal - How to Make a Backup Copy of MySQL Database

Here is how you can make a backup copy of your Drupal's MySQL database from a terminal:

mysqldump -u my_drupal_mysql_uer_name -p my_drupal_mysql_database_name > ~/my_drupal_sql_dump.sql

I like to clear all of Drupal's caches before running the dump so there isn't a bunch of cache data in the export.

If you'd prefer to use Drush, check out this article instead: Use Drush to Export/Import a Drupal MySQL Database Dump File

Drupal Custom Time Field Select List with 15 Minute Intervals

If you need a custom time field select list with 15 minute interval options in Drupal 7, try this out when adding a new field to your content type (this will work in Drupal 6 as well):

Field: List (text)

Widget: Select list

Allowed values list:

Drupal 7 Retrieve Node Comments with Database API

My oh my, how times have changed. Here is how you can get all the comments for a node in Drupal 7 (much different from D6):

Drupal Webform Submission Results User Access Control

Have you ever wanted to grant access to a certain list of users so they could access a Drupal Webform's submission results? The default permissions that come with Webform don't provide much granularity in this scenario, so a custom solution needs to be implemented.

Luckily Webform has a few hooks to make our lives easier.

Drupal Services Examples

jDrupal: Be sure to check out jDrupal for an easy to use JavaScript Library to communicate with Drupal Services.

This document describes how to read/write entities to/from Drupal using the Services module. It also covers how to handle session authentication. Let's get started...

Drupal - Attach a Custom Submit Handler Function to a Form

Need to add a submit handler function to your Drupal form so you can execute some custom code when a form is submitted? Yes? Well then, shuck 'em up partner, try something like this in your module:


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