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Browse an Android Emulator SQLite Database in Eclipse


UPDATE - It appears the Questoid SQLite Browser is no longer available from the maker's website, sorry! Perhaps this link will be of use:

After a fresh format in Ubuntu I needed to browse an Android emulator's SQLite database inside Eclipse. After a bit of research, I recalled this is how it can be done with DDMS and a cool plugin for Eclipse called Questoid SQLite Browser.

  1. Download the Questoid Plugin
  2. Place the plugin .jar file in your Eclipse plugins folder (e.g. /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins)
  3. Restart Eclipse
  4. Start up an Android Emulator w/ Debugging in Eclipse
  5. Switch to the DDMS Perspective in Eclipse
  6. Go to the 'File Explorer' tab to locate your device's database file
  7. Navigate to: e.g. 'data -> data -> com.myproject -> databases -> myproject
  8. Open the database file in Questoid (see screen shot)
  9. Switch to the 'Questoid SQLite Browser' tab that appears (mine appears next to LogCat by default)
  10. Switch to the 'Browse Data' sub tab
  11. Select your table from the drop down menu
  12. Browse your data here and onward into the digital sunset


Apart from viewing the database data can we edit the data in the DDMS itself...?

Thanks in advnce

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When I used Questoid and SQLite databases, I did not see any way to edit the data when in DDMS. Sorry.

It has been a long time since I have used this plugin, perhaps there is a new version with the feature you need.

These days I've been primarily working with HTML5 local storage instead of SQLite.

hello, I am not sure why but I see all the icons except that open file in SQLite browser !! god ! how to navigate to data in details steps pls ...thanks in advanced..

I can't see sqlite browser...............

Hi Guys,

u have to copy the jar file inside the folder into your plugins directory. NOT the whole folder, just the jar file!

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HI PR, Thank you, I have updated the tutorial to reflect this note.


this will only work in emulator, but i develop android app using direct connection to a device like nexus7,galaxy,etc and when i check to DDMS, there's a data folder but it's empty. please help

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Sorry, I haven't yet tried this out on an actual device, only in emulators. I'd recommend searching around in the file system, specifically looking out for folders that are named com.MYPROJECT, hopefully that will find the database file you are looking for.

Hi Tyler, thanks for the blog post. Altough the plugin doesn't allow edit of data or work on a real device, it is a good start for us programmers to tinker around.  This post helps a lot. Thanks again :)

Thank you so much.

It helped me a lot.

Instead of pulling the db out and browsing it from sqlite browser every tiem, now I can browse it in eclipse itself.

i need the full information about sqlite........

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Please elaborate, I'm not sure what you mean.

good, but can't edit table value.. :(

You should change or removethe download link of the plug in because it doesn't link to the download anymore but to some advertisement.

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Hi Tobias, thank you for pointing this out, I have udpated the article and provided a link to a secondary source (hopefully it works, I haven't tried it).

Saludos y gracias por al informacion

Funciono a la primera y demasiado util...


perfecta explicacion sencilla y eficaz

I can't get sqlitebrowser to work in eclipse. My database is called dictionary.db. I can pull it off the AVD and view the data  outside of eclipse. But inside eclipse I see the table but not the data. I'm using eclipse 4.2.1 from the latest ADT bundle ( I'm also using "com.questoid.sqlitebrowser_1.2.0.jar". I wonder if this plugin is broken when used on newer versions of the android/eclipse bundle ?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thank you so much

Very helpful guid lines

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